2018 – two rallies are planned this year – The Atlas Rally in March and then Bali – how many Elans have been to Indonesia?

2017 – and the year has started slowly with a couple of changes of plan as things turned out to be more complicated than expected! But now we know what we are doing. In August the car will be shipped to Newark and in September we start on Scenic Car Tours’ Route 66 – see here for details of the route and itinerary. When we hit the Pacific we turn North along the coast then on the San Francisco and up the coast to Seattle. Continue to read under Route 66 above – I know its not route 66………

Our last rally was in September 2016 – Classic Persia – enjoy reading about it! Prior to that we went on Scenic Car Tours’ Arctic Highway Challenge

2015 is history but you can still read about the Amazon Adventure – Amazon Adventure. I haven’t worked out how do clever things like plant a map here so here’s a link to the rally organiser as he does have a clever map!!
The car is largely rebuilt – it got rather hammered! There was bodywork damage in the engine bay, off side wheel arch, a lot of under-floor and the rear turret area on the passenger’s side. Both Lotocones were broken as well as the diff mounts. Once I took the sump guard off it was not going back on again, it was so distorted by continuous bumping. I took it to the guy who made it 14 years ago and before pressing it back into shape, he said he liked to see it being used! The engine did very well but was a complete pig once it got home – all the valves needed reseating and now its even less happy when cold than it was before – and it was pretty bad then! On the way home the brake servo died and drank all the brake fluid so that was replaced along with both front vertical links. I also took the decision to convert to an alternator – shame!